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I have decided to make my own modest contribution to the development of the international arbitration in Ukraine. I have set up a dedicated web platform that will offer highlights about the most essential events, developments and trends of international arbitration in Ukraine. 

Recent years have demonstrated that arbitration has seen an unprecedented surge in Ukraine. That surge was fuelled by a variety of catalysts, including refurbishment of the rules of court procedure affecting arbitration, ripe jurisprudence of Ukraine’s Supreme Court, unparalleled rise in the number and value of investor-state disputes, as well as the growing attention to Ukraine as an arbitration jurisdiction on the international plane.

The least of the feats that can do justice to this fascinating stage in the development of alternative dispute resolution in Ukraine is giving it proper coverage. The platform, styled “Ukrainian Arbitration Blog” (, will offer up-to-date coverage of the most important and extraordinary developments in the domain of arbitration in Ukraine.

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